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Scotty Quiz

Answer the 15 questions below by emailing me with your answers. I will then send you an award with your score.

1)What is Scotts last name?

2)Where was he born?

3)What month is Scotts birthday?

4)Where does Scott currently live?

5)How old was Scott when he first wrote to the WWF?

6)What American holiday did Scott have his first match ever?

7)Which restaurant did Scott work at as a teen?

8)In what month of the year 2000 did Scotty beat Malenko to become the light-heavy weight champion?

9)What type of dancing did Scott learn to do in high school?

10)After his neck injury improved in the year 2001, Scott wrestled in what small wrestling fed, to work off his ring rust before returning to the WWF?

11)What famous theme park does Scott love to go to?

12)How tall is Scott?

13)In what 2000 PPV did Scotty battle Malenko for the title but unfortunately lost?

14)In 1993, when Scotts car literally blew up during a drive from Memphis, which wrestler was in the car that pulled up beside him and gave him a ride to the show?

15)What was his full ring name when he was in the tag team Too Much?